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Name:The Tintin Kink Meme
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The Tintin Kink Meme is a place where one can anonymously request fanwork relating to the Adventures of Tintin in all of its wonderful incarnations, and where said requests can be filled by other anons for simple reading and/or viewing pleasure. We are a warm and accepting community that welcomes with open arms het, slash, and all those things in between. In fact, we are not all that picky about requests having kinks, either; this is an opportunity to generate any number of ideas for the characters we adore. At the end of the day, this is just a bit of fun.

Please read the Rules section before any commenting. Failure to read the rules is not a satisfactory excuse for not abiding by them.

As an added note, no one here is making any profit, monetary or otherwise, from the exercises and prompts here; we do not consider this to be anything more than some fun between friends. Tintin and characters are the property of Moulinsart.

I hope that everyone gets some enjoyment out of this. (If it even takes off.) Thanks!
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